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"I wanted you to know what having a studio at Chashama means to me. Simply, if I didn't have a studio in Harlem I could not have continued as an artist.
After the trauma of my husband's sudden death shortly after I moved to Chashama I found myself a single parent with two young children. Since we had lived in the neighborhood for 12 years, my children went to school here, we had friends, support systems, and I had an artist community...Having a low cost studio space in the neighborhood I lived in, our home, allowed me to slowly rebuild my life. ..Having a studio in Harlem allows me to continue my studio practice which is woven into my life now as a single mom. 
Not just having a studio in Harlem alone has been the only advantage, Chashama has offered many opportunities to me...Scope Art Fair, the exhibition space at 461 and Paddle8 fundraisiers have given me exposure as an artist...Now I am also showing in a gallery in Williamsburg and will be a part of a travelling exhibition - things I couldn't imagine doing without this studio space. I hope to be a part of Chashama and Harlem arts for for a long time to come."

Ingrid Capozzoli Flinn, 461 studio artist, 2015

"I was an artist-in-residence back in 2004-05, with a studio at 40 Worth. I personally remember that time fondly as it was such an incredible opportunity to be able to find the right conditions to produce work...I do believe that the Chashama residency contributed to my success. I'm now a Faculty member at University of British Columbia, where I have the chance to share my passion about the art and ideas with students on a daily basis."
Samuel Roy-Bois, Assistant Professor - Department of Creative Studies, Former Studio Artist at 40 Worth Street

MAMMOTH is receiving its world premiere for 3 weeks at the Brick in Brooklyn featuring a stellar cast of leading NYC perfomers - including 5-time OBIE winner Tina Shepard. It's a huge move for Buran Theatre and for this work. We couldn't have done it without Chashama's support in developing it last summer."
Adam R. Burnett, Artistic Director, Buran Theatre, Rehearsal Space Grantee 2014

"Thanks for all the work you do to support artists. I have really enjoyed the challenge of working with chashama and I feel that the opportunies have changed my creative process to include new possibilities and directions."
Catherine Gallant, Presentation Space Grantee 2014

"On behalf of Rachel, Racoco Productions, and the whole Detritus team I want to say thank you for the additional chashama Summer Performance Series grant! It was a wonderful, unexpected surprise. Many, many thanks to you and chashama for the support and opportunity to make Detritus happen."
Stephanie Beck, Presentation Space Grantee 2014

“Before chashama, we did not exist.”
Ryan Whinnem, Artistic Director, Vacant Lot Theatre, Rehearsal Space Grantee 2012
"I don’t know where I would work if I didn't have BAT. It would be smaller and more money. I love working at the BAT...Having enough space to make big things in my studio is vital. I hope to continue to work here as it is helping me grow as an artist. "
Brent Birnbaum, Brooklyn Studio Artist

"I love my space at BAT. It is amazing and is making it possible for me to be able to work on pieces for my upcoming solo show in September at the Pelavin Gallery. It is so important at this stage for me to have this space that I can afford and that I can get ready for my first solo show in NYC. I am very grateful."
Linda Lee Nicholas, Brooklyn Studio Artist

"The [Brooklyn Studios] space is affordable, well maintained, well managed, it has good natural lighting. Without it, I likely would not have a studio in NY. I am very thankful to have this space and community."
Carl Auge, Brooklyn Studio Artist

“In the 19 months since getting our chashama studio, our careers have advance by leaps and bounds, and this is directly related to having this space at the Brooklyn Army Terminal.”
Jake Margolin,  Former Studio Artist
“Having a workspace at the Brooklyn Army Terminal has given me a place to connect with fellow artists, create and document new work, and host curators to discuss my art. A visit from a gallerist to the open studios at the Brooklyn Army Terminal resulted in my inclusion in a group exhibition.”
James Brendan Williams, Brooklyn Studio Artist
"I have so much to thank chashama for! This organization helped to get my business and creative career off the ground at a time when I was raising both a business and two children in New York City. At a time that was both exhausting and isolating, I found motivation and support in chashama’s creative community. The open studios, art events, and artists dinners meant so much to me and I thank Anita with all my heart!!!"
Sandra Spannan, Harlem Studio Artist and Founder, see.Painting, Inc.


“Working with chashama had a lot of benefits for us as the landowner. We got to activate space that otherwise would have been fallow, and it brought the type of people that we wanted to bring into the neighborhood.”
Justin Elghanayan, President, Rockrose Development Corporation

"Chashama was a pleasure to work with. They made the move in/out process very easy, and while they occupied the space they were very careful to maintain (and actually improved) the property. Their artists and exhibits increased pedestrian traffic toour store, and the area, and was a welcome addition to the neighborhood. I would strongly recommend them as an enhancement to any vacant store."
William Abramson, Director of Brokerage, Buchbinder & Warren Realty Group LLC
“We could not have attracted such a wonderful buyer without chashama having improved the block!”
Andrew M. Manshel, EVP, Greater Jamaica Development Corporation

“I had nothing but praise for chashama and the artists that were in our spaces. It was a pleasure to be able to develop a relationship with chashama.”
Adrienne Collier, Principal, HEC Real Estate Group
chashama nurtures artists by transforming unused property into work and presentation space.

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